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Contemporary Abstract Impressionist

About Shera

Shera (b.1976) was born in California and was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Having artistic parents and frequent trips to museums led to an early exposure to art. In 1997, Shera received her formal training at an atelier--Associates in Art in Los Angeles, Ca and studied there for four years focusing on realistic studies. During her time there, Shera was exposed to and influenced by many artists such as Nicolai Fechin, John Singer Sargent, and Dean Cornwell. Shera then became influenced by and began studying the Impressionists, Harlem Renaissance and Native Muralists at this time.


Shera also studied Game/Conceptual Design and Visual FX Media at AAU.

In addition to her other works, Shera's focus now includes historical narratives- a genre often ignored in today's art world, she enjoys the process of depicting a dramatic narrative versus typical subject matter.

"Stemming from a desire to portray nature in its purest form, I like to focus on mass shapes and set them against vibrant backgrounds. The environment itself provides the palette. My intention is to use that palette to document the world around me, present and past. My painting philosophy is “Keep it simple”."